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Frequently Asked Questions


What's New (9/09)


Keep those suggestions coming!
We are pleased to announce the launch of the following features.

I'm Commments:
Fan I'M Comments on their favorite artists are now shown on the main/home page

Recent Activity:
Main Page now shows a real-time posting of ALL new artists, songs and I'm Fan comments.

Send a Song:
E-mail song or artist's links you've discovered to anyone.

Updated Player:
More control - skip to Next or Previous song
More information - numeric song ratings, lyrics and production credits.

Continuous Random Hits:
Select your favorite genre and we'll keep the songs coming. You can skip ahead or go back to a song by using the new Next Song or Previous Song controls on our updated player.

Continuous Song Playback:
While playing a song in either the Random Hits or from a particular Artist this new features keeps the music playing without having to pick another song. Artists select YES in their settings to allow continuous play for their music.

More Features for our ARTISTS

Song Playback Mode:
Provides a choice of how you prefer your songs to be heard. Choose from:
- Full Length (default)
- Preview (70 sec only)
- Tone (Adds a tone to your song playback every 15 seconds)

Expanded Song Details:
Artists can now add lyrics, production credits, and keywords for each of their songs.

Direct Artist's Name Link:
Artist's can now customize their Artist Area URL/web address link. Update the name for your direct link to your Artist Area Your new link will be

i'm Radio Program:
Artists can select YES to participate in our upcoming i'm Radio (tm) program. Participating artists will be paid for every song played. Watch for details in the coming weeks.

Note for Artists:
Login to update your preference settings for these features.

Select My Artist Area (top right corner)
Then: Edit My Info (top right area of the page)

To update Song Details:
Select your Artist Music link and then (Song Name) EDIT link




Rewards & What's New Archives


(Cash, , i'm t-shirts, Stardom, and more . . . )

"Brock Zeman" - The 1000th "i'm a Fan."
"Evan Reser" - The 500th "i'm an Artist."
"Grizzly Madams" - out of Toronto, uploaded the 2500th song.

Dan Spencer and Jason Latimer of "The Redlights".
The 1000th song "Matter of Fact" - $100 (Cash & i'm Money).

"Todd C. Paron"and "mez" each won $50 (Cash & i'm Money)
for the 99th and 100th song.
"Savage Fen" got $50 of i'm Money for the 500th song.

i'm Letter past issues -
June '07"
January '07

"Sound Advice", by Entertainment Attorney & i'm Team member Peter Vaughan Shaver. This months column features insight and guidance on songwriter copyrights.




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