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Michael Allen Harrison

Artist Genre: Jazz

Fans also think: New Age

Sounds Like: George Winston, Irving Berlin, David Lanz


Age Appropriateness: All Ages


Artist Age: 40 Something


Artist Location: Portland, OREGON, United States


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Member Comments

The emotion from your music is moving. Thank you!
Mike G

What beautiful, heartfelt piano music - a joy to listen to in this noisy world.
Daniel W


Steinway Signature artist, Michael Allen Harrison's music is best described as a genre of it's own. His cutting edge, classical contemporary style carves a distinct niche of timeless music which far exceeds the scales of his Steinway keyboard. As a sought after producer, composer and arranger, this well-known concert pianist has been in the music scene for over two decades.

Performing for President Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, Quincy Jones and the Dalai Lama, Michael has also been the opening act for the Celebrity Forum Speaker Series highlighting Walter Cronkite, Jerry Spence, Margaret Thatcher, Jerry Lewis, Colin Powell, Jan Schlichtman and James Whitmore. He has received many accolades including a NASA Orbiting Certificate for air play in space on the space shuttle ENDEAVOR and one of his albums went up on the space shuttle DISCOVERY. Michael has also performed at the United Nations premiering his tribute song "Remembrance" for the 50th Anniversary of Israel's Independence, as well as The World Peace Conference at The Hague in the Netherlands. Joining the ranks of Vera Katz (former Portland Mayor) and Oregon Symphony Conductor, James DePriest, Michael also had a star set in stone named in his honor in front of the Portland, Oregon Performing Arts Center recognizing his talent and his significant contributions to the arts.

Michael's noteworthy philanthropy outreach in his "City of Roses" has left its mark. As an activist to an initiative he calls "Bring Back The Music", Michael launched "Ten Grands" and The Snowman Foundation in 2000. "Ten Grands" is the main platform where Michael and 9 other pianists perform together on ten pianos to benefit The Snowman Foundation that supports school programs where music has been eliminated due to budget cuts and provides instruments and scholarships for kids who can't afford it. In addition, Michael has released over 20 benefit CD's in his continued support of his beloved community.

In 1986 Michael debuted his first album, which quickly launched him in the Northwest scene as one of the most loved and recognized musicians. Since then Michael has released over 40 CD's sharing his wide variety of composing styles. His musical genius crosses many different genres, from classical contemporary to new age/world and smooth jazz. He launched MAH Records in 1984, which became his well-known label for other popular Northwest artists. To date, Michael has produced over 200 musicians including his recent CD for Katie Harman, Miss America 2002, and just released a new duet CD, "At Midnight" with saxophonist Patrick lamb.

A classical musician at heart, one of Michael's favorite pastimes is performing with the Symphony, which is something he has been doing since 1996. As a composer and arranger his favorite compositions have been passionate arrangements for piano and orchestra, and has performed numerous times with the Portland Festival Symphony, including his first concerto, "The Mount Hood Concerto". "Classical music tells a story like no other genre. I often feel as though I channel this music through because it still wants to be heard. Composers such as Chopin, Grieg, Liszt, Schubert, Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky as well as modern composers including Andrew Lloyd Webber, John Williams, Aaron Copeland and George Gershwin have been a great influence on me because of their magnificent storytelling. I'm passionately moved to bring these sounds back with a classical contemporary cutting edge."

Since 1992, Michael has become nationally recognized for writing film scores for many motion pictures, short films and documentaries. He has scored music for numerous ballet and theater companies including the Oregon Children's Theater and the American Dance Theater. Most recently he music directed "The Full Monty" and plans to launch his own musical, “Prometheus”.

No matter what type of genre this extraordinary musician plays, he always seems to hit the heartstrings of his audiences and melts them with his heartwarming melodies and passionate lyrics. Whether he's playing in front of a 3,000-seated audience or one of his popular evenings entitled, "Dinner with Michael", his breathtaking sound takes people on a mesmerizing journey that keeps them coming back for more.



Upcoming Gigs
Date    Venue
13-February-2008   Feb.13-17; Valentine Concerts/The Old Church, PdOR
08-February-2008   Wilfs Piano Bar, PdOR - 8pm-Midnight
02-March-2008   The Grotto, Portland, OR - 6:30pm