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Pat James

Artist Genre: Country - Traditional

Fans also think: Singer-Songwriter and Country - Pop/New

Sounds Like: Ray Price, Marty Robbins


Age Appropriateness: All Ages


Artist Age: 0


Artist Location: Phoenix, ARIZONA, United States


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Pat James, an award winning Country and Western singer/songwriter is all about "true" country. Holding true to form, true to the traditions of the Cowboy way-of-life. Pat envelops you, with his own tribute to Country and Western music, offering to his fans a full spectrum of listening enjoyment. With Pat's debut album "Some Like it Country", his television special "Some Like it Country" and his long awaited, newest release "It's My Life", you will be treated to a true semblance of future classics. Country music is a way of life to him, it's not a fashion or fad.

(about "Some Like it Country" CD) : "...Just listened to it and it is absolutely awesome!!!! One of the best CDs I've heard in a long time. All great tracks....real country....and some terrific songs from Pat James' pen. Congratulations on a truly great's one of those that I could just put on the air and let it play right on thru. I love it! Pat has some marvelous vocal cords!..." August 2007 - Tom Wardle - WDVR FM

"about "It's my Life" CD) : "...Great vocals are nothing without the right musicians and a top-notch engineering and production job, and you've got 'em all! Congratulations on some outstanding recordings......very, very impressive and well done. And you cover it all from hard country to western swing and a great rendition of 'Something'. Looks like ya like Marty Robbins and he'd be proud to hear you doing his songs justice.. I pride myself in only playing the cream of the crop, and am pleased to include you in that grouping..." August 2007 - Tom Wardle - WDVR FM

"...Involuntary reaction: Yeehaw! Wow, Pat James has got the old school country sound down to - what it is - an art form. I love the fiddle and the honky tonk piano. This is like hearing good old Hank Williams..." October 2006 - Consensus Music Reviews.

"...I've finally found a young country singer from outside of my home state of Texas that is a HOSS ! I can now excitedly add Pat James to taday's list of shufflemasters...Pat is right up there with them in vocal ability and musical selection. It's like finding a treasure you didn't know existed..." February 2006 - Country Shufflemania

"...While on Pat's site, I clicked on a song clip, "When I See Her Again" (I liked the title). I heard the first 3 notes he sang and that was all it took... I was in love with "the voice"! Now that I've heard both of his CDs, over and over, I love his style, his timbre, his vocal range, and how he stays true to traditional country music. I love the way he "feels" a song rather than just sing it... that cry in his voice that can only come from the heart... the reality of life and love blended with each note... Man!... I just love to hear this man!..." October 2005 - My Kind Of Country

Pat James has been voted one of the Top 25 artists of 2006 by the editors of Indie-Music Magazine.

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