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1  Rowdy Johnson Band
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Nick Granato

Artist Genre: Singer-Songwriter

Fans also think: Rock - Soft/Pop/Folk and Adult Contemporary

Sounds Like: Bonnie Raiit, John Mellencamp, Melissa Etheridge, Jimmy Buffett


Age Appropriateness: All Ages


Artist Age: REALLY Something


Artist Location: Deerfield Beach, FLORIDA, United States


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Member Comments

your music is genuine and sincere. Your song "Purple Conspiracy" hit me close to home, as did " Who I Am", you do have a very special gift!

Tanya R

You're truly a great songwriter, I finally had a chance to listen to everything. "Who I Am' is so powerful. "Purple Conspiracy" rings a great truth and "My Ordinary Life" is as honest as it gets, with the exception of "Down The Road of Compromise", that one hits a bit close to home.    Bravo

Don S

Great music, impressive songwriting!


Alex W

Great stuff Nick, I applaud you!

Daniel C

I just joined IM and I saw you at the top of the chart here with a bunch of songs. I listened, and now I know why, you are FREAKING AWESOME!  brand new fan here, I'm on my way to your website, what a great find for the New Year!

Amanda Manos

Amanda M

Nick, your music is awesome, so different from what's out there. Your lyrics have such power, I have become such a huge fan!


Anna L

Really enjoyed 'My Ordinary Life'. Very powerful tune.

Andy S

I really enjoyed listening to your music. Your songs have a deep meaningful quality. I was especially touched by "Who I Am" and the message in "No More Stones".


Bob C

Great songs Nick, excellent songwriter/artist!


Sean B


everytime I hear "Who I Am" I live my life all over again, so touching.

hugz Lisa

Lisa F

Hi Nick!  I love your music. I to am a fan. Your music is so real and it does reach both in and out.  I think you're on the edge of major things and I will lead the applause.

Rico Guerra

Rico G

Hey Nick!  I wanted to let you know how much I also love "Who I Am".  I downloaded it right away when you posted it, some time back.  I see a lot of other fans have found it since.  You have a great sound and style goin' on there!   Love the Rod Stewart quality of your voice and your lyrics are reaching to us all!  Keep up the great writing and performing!!

IM a Fan!!  :)     


Marie B

Totally kick ass! Wonderful lyrics, melodies an all around winner!


Carla C

Your song "Who I Am" is so strong, I love the lyrical journey. I have to say I can identify with it as if it were my own.  All your music is great!

Brad Dalton

Brad D

There's something just so refreshing and different about your music. I feel so much when I listen. Your song "Who I Am" just touched me deeply, I have lived that song.  Thank you for great music and the ability to make us all think.

Donna Mckinney/Miami, FL

Donna M

Your music is awesome! 

 Gail Connors - Folly Beach SC 

Gail C


Thanks for being one of our site's best recording artist.
You remind me of a male Bonnie Raitt, both vocally and lyrically.
Nice going!

Daniel W


Passion.  The word is used again and again when describing Nick Granato, his music, his performances, and even his life. Nicks music carries an uncompromising attitude; award winning Singer/Songwriter Nick Granato delivers them with a passion and authority that can only be accomplished with a life of experience.

Nick always knew that music would be his lifes passion. At the age of 7, he started writing songs and playing the guitar. Over the years he has had over 250+ songs recorded, and some 48+ charting singles, producing numerous awards, honors and nominations. His songs have been covered by some highly notable names in various music genres like Randy Travis, Pamala Stanley, Bette Midler, Stella Parton, Heirline, Crystal Gayle, Eddie Rabbitt & Juice Newton, to name a few. His music has also been utilized by organizations like; the U.S. Olympic Committee, United Way, Ocean's First, The Audubon Society, the Florida Department Of Tourism, Children's Outreach International, The Sea Watch Foundation, Hospice International, Coastal Earth and most recently the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure.

As an entertainer, Nick has shared the stage with the likes of Melissa Etheridge, Mary Chapin-Carpenter and Cyndi Lauper to name a few. Nick has toured the US and Canada extensively, as well as internationally. He performed 240 in 2009. <br><p>
As a music business professional, Nick Granato sat as Director of Publishing for the Chestnut Mound Music Group, one of the worlds largest and prolific Christian music Publishing Companies. Nick also served as VP/Senior A&R Director of Gateway Entertainment, as well as Director of Publishing at CAL IV Christian.

In 2002 when Nick decided to pursue the performing side of his artistry, hit the road, and expanded his own music publishing company, Song Harbor Music/BMI, into a full independent music publishing and record label.  The first CD release in 2003 Sun Dance on the Song Harbor label was a commercial and critical success, garnering Nick a command performance for then Governor & Mrs. Jeb Bush of Florida. Nicks Florida Style music caused his touring schedule to triple and subsequently was voted one of South Floridas top entertainers and nominated for several high profile awards. In 2005, Nick was  honored with the Horizon Award by the readership of The SongFolk Journal and his song "Florida's Son" was nominated for Song of the Year. The planned Fall 2005 release of his sophomore CD Plastic Pink Flamingos was delayed because of the violent 2005 Hurricane season, and was eventually released in early January 2006. Nicks fan-base embraced the CD, sales snowballed, and the grass-root efforts continued to broaden his popularity. The title song from the CD Plastic Pink Flamingos, was used by the State Of Florida Dept Of Tourism as a theme song for their 2006-2007 season advertising and subsequently was considered as the new Florida State song.

In mid 2006, work began on a new CD project. Seeing the injustices and the need for social change in our culture, Nick decided to redefine his music and message. Complete with a new sound, and a new attitude, the new Nick Granato CD Outside the Lines was quietly released in March 2007 and immediately began to receive rave reviews. In April 2007 in a joint effort with NCL (Norwegian Cruise Lines) Nick ventured out on a 3 month international promotional tour that took him from NYC to Hawaii, Mexico & Canada, completing that leg of the tour in Key West Florida with the Rosie O'Donnell R-Family Cruises. Home for only 3 weeks, Nick picked up the remainder of the tour on land which took him to the Gulf Coast and the New England States. Nicks CD "Outside The Lines" went on to firmly hold an astounding 4 months at the #1 position in the prestigious Outvoice Top 40 Charts in 2007. In May of 2008 The CD resurged to take the #1 position for the 5th time. To date the CD has produced an astounding eight #1 songs, including his song My Ordinary Life & Color Outside the Lineson the Sirius Radio Hot 20 in October & November 2007. In September 2007 the Stonewall Society honored Nick with an astounding 5 nominations for their revered Pride In The Arts Awards.  On November 30th, 2007, Nick captured two of their highest honors CD/Album of The Year and the coveted Artist Of The Year. His song "My Ordinary Life" made it to #89 in Billboard, a difficult accomplishment for an indie artist.

With 2007 having become a hallmark year for Nick Granato, 2008  continued the excitement by remaining at the top of several charts throughout the year.  In April 2009 Nick was awarded a Songwriting Grant from The International Arts Endowment Cultural Division so that he can continue to further the message of acceptance and diversity through his music.

2010 Nick released his much anticipated new CD "In Real Life", which contains some of Nick's best material to date. The CD also has a stunning duet with Diva Pamala Stanley (From The Inside Out).   A new national tour is in motion.  Everything is in place for another huge surge in Nicks popularity, as his fan-base (affectionately referred to as Flockers) continues to become quite a force. Nick's fanbase is now currently numbered near 12,000 members.

When you listen to Nicks music, he becomes part of your journey, and you a part of his. He skillfully reaches deep inside each of us, in hopes of bringing to the surface the common human element of compassion.     -Todd Van Harmon/SongFolk Journal

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