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Zen Hanami
Not Rated Yet

Artist Genre: New Age

Fans also think: Library/Production/Ambient and Electronica/Techno

Sounds Like: Brian Eno,Harold Budd,Robert Fripp,Soundscapes


Age Appropriateness: All Ages


Artist Age: 50 Something


Artist Location: Denia, Alicante, Spain


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Zen Hanami is a project of Ingo Ito. Other projects by him here on are:


Zen Hanami was started in November, 2006.

This new series of ambient music is specifically composed and produced for those listeners, who want to create for themselves an athmosphere of tranquility – ideal for contemplation and meditation or just relaxing from the daily rush.
The predefined duration of 15 minutes per track also allows the listener to accompany, for example, his fixed lessons of practicing Tai Chi or Yoga.

In Zen Hanami, each piece of music is sculptured by some distinctive musical loops playing in harmony. A pool of sound - repeated like an endless mantra. But with each loop having its individual length, it is a constantly changing soundscape - it seems the same, but it´s always different.

The japanese word "Hanami" literally means "flower viewing". Since many centuries it has been the traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers in nature, mainly during the cherry blossom season.

An ocean of blossoms, gently moving in the spring wind - a beautiful picture to accompany the music.

Volume 1 - 3 of this series is now available.

You can listen to music and buy MP3 Files by Zen Hanami either here on IndiependenceMusic (excerpt versions at 128kbps) or in better sound quality (full length versions at 320kbps or FLAC) directly at the download store at

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