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Margarets Daughter

Artist Genre: Rock - Soft/Pop/Folk

Fans also think: Acoustic and Singer-Songwriter

Sounds Like: Heather Nova, KT Tunstall, Sarah McLachlan


Age Appropriateness: All Ages


Artist Age: 20 Something


Artist Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa


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Member Comments

Your guy's music is AWESOME! If i could, i would go to south africa and live there and listen to you and your band all the time. my dad is the founder of the website.My name is Zander. Im age 9. What are your guys names. Also what is your guys names. please RSVP
Zander W

I am in awe of this talented group's songs and recordings!
I'd travel to South Africa to hear them, but I hope they'll come to the US.

Daniel W

On 15 September 1979, Margaret had a daughter. She called her Adri-Mari or Ami for short. Fast forward 20 odd years and Margaret's Daughter has established herself as one of South Africa's top up&coming singer / songwriters. Along with indie producer / multi-instrumentalist Etienne Ghyoot, they have recently recorded their debut album in Etienne's "home studio" (read: spare bedroom connected to his PC). Incorporating different musicians as the need arises, the Margaret's Daughter moniker has become synonymous with great music; be it Ami on her own, Ami & Etienne as a duo or even as a full band. Whichever way they perform, one thing remains constant: Ami's timeless music and unique voice, accompanied by her rhythmic acoustic guitar playing.

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