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Sky Nelson

Artist Genre: Adult Contemporary

Fans also think: Rock - Soft/Pop/Folk and Jazz

Sounds Like: James Blunt, John Mayer, influenced by Zeppelin, Hendrix, GD, James Taylor, gershwin, Keith Jarrett


Age Appropriateness: All Ages


Artist Age: 30 Something


Artist Location: Santa Rosa, CALIFORNIA, United States


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Described by one colleague as a “Musician’s musician”, Sky's Nelson’s diverse music history speaks volumes about his intentions as a songwriter and performer. Sky began learning piano at the tender age of three. His first decade at the instrument focused on ear training with the classical Suzuki Piano Method, and even as his tastes changed to popular music, he maintained a passionate relationship with Beethoven. Yet he began lifelong affairs with the music of Dr. John, George Winston, and Keith Jarrett's ‘Koln Concert’. “Each time I learned something from one of my teachers, I had to quit them and spend a few years integrating what I had been shown,” says Sky of his experiences with his various private instructors.

Though Sky has taken jazz theory classes at UC Berkeley and Berklee College of Music, Sky's bachelor's degree is in physics, and this background informs his work as a songwriter in startling ways. “Just like a pinball will always find its way to the bottom of a gameboard due to gravity, I often try to find the chords that fall to the most natural, though not obvious, state.” Sky was turned on to a vast array of influences by his two older brothers, and on the long drive to their high school they reveled in the sounds of the Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, and Huey Lewis. As a result, Sky’s writing tends to aim at mainstream audiences, yet it is also important to him that it speaks to his listeners in meaningful ways. “I like popular music because it can make me feel so much, but I also want to write songs that encourage people to think deeply about who they are.”

Sky says, "I just want to know that I have lived up to my full potential as a human being.  I want to look back at my life at the end and know that I was the person I wanted to be.” Sky has always been fascinated by spirituality, and its direct application to his life. Though he tries to speak universally in his songs, he realizes that everybody has to find their own truth. “I’ve found that the only thing I can truthfully have control over in life is my own attitude.  I try to be grateful, and yet intensely driven and determined.” With an eye aimed at future generations, Sky is building professional relationships with two non-profit organizations that provide artistic outlets to struggling youth.

Sky is no stranger to the legacy of music. Steeped in San Francisco Bay Area music folklore, he has studied with famed guitarist Terry Haggerty (Sons of Champlin) as well as composer, author and scholar WA Mathieu (recommended to him after a lesson with jazz pianist Art Lande). He worked side by side in the role of bandleader with Raz B (B2K, current R&B charting solo artist), and prepared a band to perform behind Michael and Regina Winans, the incredible Grammy winning gospel vocal songwriting duo. Sky has refined his performance style over the years through work with two local alternative rock bands (Wake, Waking Eve), as well as steadily performing his own solo material. Currently promoting his album “I Forgot I Was Alive”, Sky uses many available tools on the Internet to build awareness of his work and performs regularly as a solo performer and with his backup band.

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