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Create a professional music website which is free to use and provides a direct connection between two distinct groups with symbiotic needs:
Artists, who wish to be found, heard and paid,
and Fans who crave for, but have found it challenging to locate, good new music.

To assist musicians in all genres to make money, while empowering people of all ages with an easy and fast way to discover new music.



Features & Benefits

Our site was created by musicians and music lovers so all Artists can be "Heard & Found", and so music Fans can easily find good new music.

There are no fees to the artist or the fan to use our website, period.

All of the Top Ten rankings and featured artists are solely determined by our fans. The best material rises to the top making it easy for fans to find & hear good music in all genres.

"Featured Artist" exposure is totally free. Artists that are rated highly by our fans are randomly chosen to be featured.

Provide fans of all ages with unique optional tools that can filter "Age Appropriate" and "Explicit Content" parameters.

Our fans are empowered to decide the genres, song/artists quality, the age appropriateness and explicit nature (or not), of all the site's content.

1110 separate TOP TEN spots spanning 37 Genres make it easy to find & listen to great music in all styles and provide exposure for each and every "i'm Genre".

We provide a secure sales system and quarterly distributions to artists. You write songs, record great music (drinking beer is optional), and we sell your music for you, risk free!

Artists set the price for and sell their songs directly to the Fans.

Our website and the Artists on it will be mass marketed to music Fans worldwide.

Our site is the only one we've found that actually is FREE for all to use,
if you find another please tell us.

Our site is totally risk free, and does not cost you a penny until you "sell" some songs!

We pay a very high percentage, currently 71% of all download sales to our artists. That's more than any other site we know of and much more than physical CD song sales pay.





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Daniel Work, President

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Ed Dunin-Wasowicz
Vice President of Advertising

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Randy Wells
Vice President of Technology

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Deb Work, Treasurer

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i'm Marketing


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Commotion Studios

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Peter Vaughan Shaver
Entertainment Attorney
Portland, Oregon





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